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ADSL Network Notices
All ADSL services are currently 100%
There are no scheduled notices
Fibre Network Notices
Subject: SADV Summerstrand
Message: SADV have informed us they have received the testing equipment and will be able to start work on the fix in the new year. They have not given exact dates yet but will update as we receive more information.
Original Message
Message: SADV are aware of the current service disruptions in Summerstrand and are in the process of procuring the necessary equipment in order to resolve this issue.

Unfortunately, due to the festive season, SADV will only receive this equipment early in the new year.

We will continue to keep you updated as SADV progress and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

There are no scheduled notices
Mobile Network Notices
Subject: Telkom Mobile Provisioning
Message: We are currently seeing some delays with provisioning on Telkom LTE. We have reported this with Telkom who are currently attending to the matter. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

There are no scheduled notices
Hosting Network Notices
Subject: Host 12 , 13 and 14 CWP conversion
Message: 21:00 - 08:00
We will be performing a conversion from cPanel to CWP on host 12,13 and on Tuesday evening the 25th of February 2020.
Minimal downtime is expected when services are restarted. We aplogise for any inconvenience caused.

There are no scheduled notices
Voice Network Notices
All Voice services are currently 100%
There are no scheduled notices
General Network Notices
Subject: Calling our 0861300900
Message: The latest update on the current issue:

National Telkom service outage
Please note that Telkom is currently experiencing a national service outage. If you are calling Telkom numbers or receiving calls using a Telkom Service (PRI, BRI or VOIP) you may experience a degradation in the service.

Currently we do not have any confirmed information on when this service disruption will be rectified. We will communicate further once we receive updated information.
Original Message
Message: We are currently experiencing issues with our 0861300900 number we are still contactable on 041 396 8000. We apologise for the inconvenience while our provider looks into the issue.

Subject: Eskom Load Shedding and Wirless / Mobile
Message: Dear Client

Due to the ongoing load shedding by Eskom, Mobile / Wireless providers have issued a statement that service loss would be experienced as a result of this.

Mobile / Wireless providers use batteries and generators as backup to their high sites and towers, however battery sites have limited power and will eventually fail. Due to the frequency and duration of the load shedding the backup batteries at various towers / high sites are not able to fully recharge.

The providers are pro-actively putting measures in place to help mitigate the effect of the widespread load shedding. Part of these measures are deploying generators to various key sites to assist with keeping the backup batteries fully charged.

Subject: Axxess Support
Message: Due to recent challenges, we are experiencing high call volumes and a backlog in ticket/email replies. We would like to assure our clients that we are doing our utmost to work through this backlog. We are also in the process of upgrading our phone system to accommodate more calls. We sincerely apologise to our loyal clients and appreciate your understanding during this time.

There are no scheduled notices
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