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“Thanks to Axxess - Your Digital Playground i have an awesome uncapped ADSL internet at home!! Now I can chat to my baby boy on Skype while I'm in Amsterdam next week Thank you Axxess!”

– Internationally known DJ, Lady Lea

“By far one of the more reliable services around. And the best part is they have the decency to warn you when they have a problem. The bigger guys couldn't care less.”

– Mark via Facebook

“Just a small note to say THANK you VERY much for the extra Gigs for the same price. It is unbelievable in these days with price hikes around every corner. WELL DONE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. We enjoy the excellent service.”

– Piet via Website Feedback

“Wow... Big up, Thumbs Up... To Axxess 24/7 Technicians support... Telephonic and online...”

– Brian via Facebook

“Thank you @AxxessDSL for sorting everything out and phoning me so quickly!! You rock!!”

– Ruth via Twitter

“I have been so happy with your service for the last four years, I would never dream of switching ISPs. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, you go and drop your prices. 10/10. Keep up the good work.”

– Andrew via Website Feedback

“A big thank you to Axxess for my super awesome fast ADSL connection. Finally a service provider that is fast, efficient and affordable.”

– Lea via Facebook

“Moved from Telkom to Axxess 2 days ago and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW what a difference! I'm one happy customer.”

– Christo Fourie via Facebook

“Just made the jump to Axxess and they are killing the other ISP's I have tried before! #winning”

– Tom via Twitter

“Service delivery rating 10/10. Pricing 10/10. I'll suggest Axxess to anyone.”

– Francois via Twitter

“So @AxxessDSL gave me 3 free gigs to try their service out and I'm just like WOW! Everything runs so smooth!”

– Team snKY via Twitter

“@AxxessDSL pure class!! What amazing 24 hour service!! So glad back with a quality ISP :)”

– David via Twitter

“Nothing better than not having to hold too long on the phone, then having someone at the other end who's always ready to help - successfully or not. This has been happening without fail since my affiliation with Axxess. Thanks to the persons responsible. I hope this will be kept up as long as possible.”

– Siya via

“Thank goodness for your Tech Support, they have saved my day!”

– Gabriella via Twitter

“Big ups to Axxess for dropping prices when everything else is going up. Happiness!!”

– Nina via Facebook

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