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“Thank goodness for your Tech Support, they have saved my day!”

– Gabriella via Twitter

“Big ups to Axxess for dropping prices when everything else is going up. Happiness!!”

– Nina via Facebook

“Thanks to Axxess - Your Digital Playground i have an awesome uncapped ADSL internet at home!! Now I can chat to my baby boy on Skype while I'm in Amsterdam next week Thank you Axxess!”

– Internationally known DJ, Lady Lea

“Nothing better than not having to hold too long on the phone, then having someone at the other end who's always ready to help - successfully or not. This has been happening without fail since my affiliation with Axxess. Thanks to the persons responsible. I hope this will be kept up as long as possible.”

– Siya via

“Just made the jump to Axxess and they are killing the other ISP's I have tried before! #winning”

– Tom via Twitter

“Service delivery rating 10/10. Pricing 10/10. I'll suggest Axxess to anyone.”

– Francois via Twitter

“So @AxxessDSL gave me 3 free gigs to try their service out and I'm just like WOW! Everything runs so smooth!”

– Team snKY via Twitter

“@AxxessDSL pure class!! What amazing 24 hour service!! So glad back with a quality ISP :)”

– David via Twitter

“By far one of the more reliable services around. And the best part is they have the decency to warn you when they have a problem. The bigger guys couldn't care less.”

– Mark via Facebook

“I have been so happy with your service for the last four years, I would never dream of switching ISPs. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, you go and drop your prices. 10/10. Keep up the good work.”

– Andrew via Website Feedback
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